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Alien Egg with Light Up Feature 5" Sideshow SS20526 New

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Alien Egg

“But each one of these things comes from an egg, right? So who’s laying these eggs?”

Before the Xenomorph can become a full-grown nightmare, it has to begin life somewhere.

In honour of the Alien legacy, Sideshow takes you back to the earliest evolution of fright with their new Alien Egg Statue, direct from the planet Acheron to your collection. Also known as an Ovomorph, this egg encases evil within. Made to be in scale with their Alien statue, the Alien Egg statue sits at just over 5 inches tall to complement its full-grown Xenomorph siblings. Petal-like segments of the egg’s textured exterior peel back to reveal an emerging Facehugger looking for a human host. A bit of the fleshy interior is visible, showing that this egg is not just a shell but actually a living thing.

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