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Corgi VA05809 Morris Minor 1000 The Lothians and Peebles Police Car 1:43 Scale

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Morris Minor 1000 The Lothians and Peebles Constabulary

Extensive government research into policing procedures led to 'Unit Beat Policing' (UBP) being rolled out across the UK during the late 1960s. Conceptually this was a big change as police officers, who had previously walked a 'beat' over a given time period, now drove between different areas walking for a while before driving to the next. This led to the introduction of the 'Panda Car', so named because it featured white panels on a blue car. These were usually small, economical cars such as the Minor. The example modelled was one of The Lothians and Peebles Constabulary's (L&PC) initial batch of twenty UBP cars, all Minors, supplied by Hall Brothers of Musselburgh.

Engine: 1098cc 4IL OHV

Power: 48bhp@5100rpm

Torque: 60lb.ft@2500rpm

Maximum speed: 74mph

0-60mph: 24.8secs

Produced: 1,303,331 (all Minors)

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